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2020-01-14 Brussels. Think tank meeting “Blockchains for the Green New Deal and SDGs” European Partners for the Environment

2019-12-09 Flyer: On-going environmental reporting model

2019-12-05 PRESS RELEASE Eurofiling & XBRL ES push forward the use of blockchain for a decentralized climate change reporting, open and global, with the support of Alastria

2019-12-02 [EUROFILING 1970] REMINDER: Invitation for Greenfiling Initiative. December 9, UN Climate Change Conference, Madrid

2019-11-27 [EUROFILING 1965] UN Climate Change Conference – COP25. Madrid, 9 December 2019. Registration open

2019-11-15 [EUROFILING 1962] UN Climate Change Conference – COP25. Call for volunteers for a Climate Change multimetric taxonomy. Madrid 2-13 December 2019

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